Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jazz Ain’t Dead Rehearsal Video Footage

Jazz Ain't Dead® in Rehearsal
Video Footage of Jazz Ain't Dead® in Rehearsal
All Choreography by Candice Michelle Franklin
Music Recording by Michael Bublé

Dancers: Gabriel Malo, Samantha Berger, Tony Wright

Music by Stevie Wonder/Recorded by Esperanza Spalding

Dancers: Victor Reddick & Shakirah Stewart

Black Panties
Text/Vocals: Mo Beasley
Dancers: April Holloway, Natonia Monet-Harrison, Joi Lynn,

Angel Chin, Ashley Chavonne McGill, Leah Tubbs
Summertime House
Music Re-mixed and arranged by Chris Rob for Jazz Ain't Dead®
Dancers: Careitha Davis, Shekitra Starke, Demar Braxton, Jerome Melsaun Warren, Gierre Godley, Candice Michelle Franklin, Joi Lynn, Anthony DiCarlas,
Samantha Berger

My Funny Valentine Recording Session
Freestyle with Chris Rob
Chris Rob, Music Arranger for Jazz Ain't Dead®

My Life
Music Recording by Mary J. Blige
Dancer: Leah Tubbs
Like I'll Never See You Again
Music by Alicia Keys
Dancers: Jerome Melsaun Warren & Candice Michelle Franklin
Sometime Thang
Original Music Composed by George Gershwin
Vocals and New Arrangement by Chris Rob for Jazz Ain't Dead®
Dancers: April Holloway, Adisa Gooding-Henry, Joi Lynn, Candice Franklin,
Leah Tubbs, Shelley McLaughlin, Ashley Adamek, Carmen Carriker, Shawn Cruz
My Funny Valentine Vocal Rehearsal
Piano: Lafayette Harris, Jr., Vocals: Daphne Shawn
Souls of Nola
Music Recording: Dizzy Gillespie's Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac
Dancers: Kristin Yancey, Ashley Chavonne McGill, Shelley McLaughlin, Angel Chin
Bye Bye Black Bird
Music Recording by Rachelle Ferrell
Dancers: Angel Chin, Gabriel Malo, Samantha Berger, Tony Wright
Say Yes
Music Recording: Floetry
Dancer: Angel Chin
Zombie Blues
Composed by Lafayette Harris, Jr., Musical Director for Jazz Ain't Dead®
Dancers: Samantha Berger, Angel Chin, Tony Wright, Gabriel Malo,

Anthony DiCarlas, Ashley Chavonne McGill