Friday, August 24, 2012

Beginning Jazz Dance Class Now offered by Candice of Jazz Ain’t Dead

Joffrey Black  

Master Teacher PhotoBeginning JAZZ Dance

Candice Michelle Franklin 
Choreographer of the live Jazz Music and Dance Production, Jazz Ain't Dead®

September – December 2012
Monday & Wednesday Nights

@ 6:30pm

"The intense exercises for abs alone is worth
the price of admission!"

Adult Jazz with Candice!
Led by the Artistic Director of the show, Jazz Ain’t Dead®, this high-energy class will start with a full traditional jazz warm-up focusing on isolations, pelvic work, tendus, extensive exercises for abs, hinges, leg and stretch work for maximized flexibility, and dance fitness to make you sweat, followed by a fun series of across the floor progressions including jazz walks, turns, leaps, groove steps, and combinations. Music consists of funky house beats, pop, jazz, Afro Cuban, and soul. Dance styles taught will include traditional jazz vocabulary, musical theater, neo-soul, Latin, lyrical, and contemporary jazz dance styles. Students are encouraged to leave their inhibitions at the door, let their hair loose, and explore their inner Diva/Divo.

Level is Beginning: This technique class is excellent for experienced dancers needing to re-train and shape-up for the season as well as adults who are just getting back into dance after a long "siesta." Dancers work at their own pace. Movement is modified for beginners, but challenging for all levels. ALL DANCERS WELCOME!

Only $17 per Class | $145 for Pro-rate 10-Class Card | $155 for Regular-Rate 10-Class Card

@Joffrey Ballet School
434 Avenue of the Americas, 5th Floor, West Village,
New York, NY 10011