Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Candice Michelle Franklin
Master Teacher in Jazz and Jazz Dance Studies

Master Class List

Dance Conservatories/Colleges/Academies
Joffrey Ballet School                                                             
Hubbard Street Dance Chicago                                             
Vancouver School of Arts and Academics                               
Pro Arte Centre/Pro Merita Academy      
Mauro Youth Ballet                             

Andanza Contemporary Dance
Pacific Northwest Ballet                                                         

IABD/Dallas Black Dance Theatre                                          
Boston Ballet                                                                   
University of Hartford/The Hart School
Colorado Ballet                          
East Coast Ballet                                                             
Detroit Music Hall Center for Performing Arts                        
University of Utah/Marriott Center for Dance                         
IABD/Joy for Motion Dance Center                                        
Bravo Dance Center                                                               
Maria Verdeja School of the Arts                                            
Freddy Jet Art House and Dance Conservatory                     
The Ballet School of Stamford                                                 
Walnut Hill School for the Arts                                             
NOCCA -New Orleans Center for Creative Arts                      
Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing Arts    
Young Dance Academy                                                            
Joffrey Ballet School/Miami -New World School of the Arts     
University of Kansas Department of Dance                             
Uptown Dance Academy                                                          
Ballet Hispanico                                                                        
Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Wycoff School of Dance                                                           
Cycely Tyson High School of the Performing Arts                   
Next Step Dance Studio                                                           
Expressions Dance Studio                                                        
Ballet Nova                                                                    
Albemarle Ballet Theatre                                                          
Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center                                          
Angela Floyd Schools                                                               
N'Ferno Performing Arts Center                                  
Kansas City Ballet 
Center for Performing Arts Methuen                                        
Carolina Dance Center                                             
IABD/Cleveland Dance Movement                                          
Infinity Dance Company                                                           
Westside Dance Academy
Together We Dance
PINX Dance Academy
Jovan Miller Dance Productions

IABD/Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Kent State University
The Majestic/Dance Prodigy Booking
Suzanne’s Main Street Dance Centre
Classical Ballet Academy
Arkansas Academy of Dance
Eisenhower Dance
School of Alberta Ballet
Edge School for Athletes
Hovi Strauss – Dance Etc.!
California Dance Theater


New York, NY
Chicago, IL
Vancouver, WA
Vancouver, Canada
San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Seattle, WA

Dallas, TX
Boston, MA
Hartford, CT
Denver, CO
Jacksonville, FL
Detroit, MI
Salt Lake City, UT
Washington, D.C.
Warminster, PA
Coral Gables, FL
Oxford, AL
Stamford, CT
Natick, MA
New Orleans, LA
Dallas, TX
Milwaukee, WI
Miami, Florida
Lawrence, KS
New York, NY
New York, NY
Pittsburgh, PA
Wycoff, NJ
East Orange, NJ
Milwaukee, WI
West Union, IA
Falls Church, VA
Crozet, VA
Bronx, NY
Knoxville, TN
Randallstown, MD
Kansas City, MO
Methuen, MA
Raleigh, NC
Cleveland, OH
Lyndon, WA
Waukee, IA
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis, MO
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Kent, OH
Bellingham, WA
Detroit, MI
Portland, OR
Little Rock, AK
Rochester, MI
Calgary, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Fargo, ND
Agoura, CA