Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Surf India Music Video by Deadbeat Darling

Here’s another collaboration with WEBBY Nominated director, Adam Hootnick of Resonance Pictures.  This is a art/fantasy music video all done in black and white by the awesome rock band, Deadbeat Darling.  I was a consultant on casting and did choreo/movement staging for all the models in this video.  We shot the majority of the video in an actual freaky old funeral home in Brooklyn.  I have a cameo, the principal blonde girl is one of my good friends who is also a dancer, and you will also see a Jazz Ain’t Dead dancer as a principal actor.  Enjoy!


Yes, these are real people in the walls.  These ladies were the wardrobe stylists hired on set!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Black Love–Special Performance at John Jay College


Black Love

Black History Month Special
with Lead Jazz Ain’t Dead Artists’ 
Mo Beasley, Maritri Garrett, & Candice Michelle Franklin

John Jay 27

Jazz Ain't Dead Fam members Mo Beasley, Candice Franklin, and Maritri Garrett kicked off the first day of Black History Month with a beautiful low-key concert of dance, music and spoken word about "Black Love."  This special engagement was performed and hosted at John Jay College, February 1, 2012.  The pictures came out intimately beautiful. We certainly thank John Jay for having us.  We genuinely enjoyed our time and interacting with the John Jay students! Now enjoy these lovely photos....


John Jay 5John Jay 1


John Jay 3John Jay 12John Jay 26John Jay 6

John Jay 18John Jay 2John Jay 8John Jay 7John Jay 4John Jay 32John Jay 19

John Jay 38John Jay 23John Jay 40John Jay 31

John Jay 28John Jay 17John Jay 16John Jay 24John Jay 22John Jay 39

John Jay 29John Jay 47